Till The Next Climb, Adios Sabah!

Many of us will say, “No more climbs for me – once is enough.” Somehow, somewhere when the pain is forgotten, many will come again and climb with me and when we do that, we will know that we have really overcome our fears…………..

Thank you, Tan Sri for sharing with us these 4 days of your life and for showing us such grace and goodness that came from your heart. We would like to wish you – Happiness, Health and Great blessings and may you continue to be a lighthouse shining out your warm beams of light to touch many many lives. We would also like to thank your dear wife and family for allowing you to come on your 71st birthday to inspire us to reach for the top! You have won over 46 hearts and they will pray for your constant goodness and success!

FROM ONG HOCK SIEW on behalf of all the July 16-18, 2010 Climbers.