A Climb To Remember

“Before the climb, a banner and a cake… after the climb, a gift from our hearts”

This is a climb that all of us – all 47 of us – will remember for the rest of our lives. We will remember it for many reasons and many of these reasons will be personal. Some will look back and see great benefit in the struggle they went through; others will reminisce and see lessons in their difficulties; yet others will be completely satisfied because they dared to do something beyond themselves and succeed in it.

Beyond these and many more personal reasons will be the impact of people who drove us on to the summit of Mount Kinabalu. Some did it by their encouragement; others did it by their persuasion; some through motivation; still others through proffering assistance but one man did it by the very example of his life. That man is Tan Sri Azman Hashim. By just taking one step after another and always pressing on, he showed us that almost nothing is impossible if we move towards our goal with unwavering determination.

Tan Sri at the start of the climb. There was never a shadow of a doubt about the objectives……failure was never an option.

There was time to smell the flowers and to see nature in bloom.

The trail though steep and endless was tackled with aplomb and consistency by Tan Sri Azman.

Rest was never extended beyond what was needed to recover….. and then the relentless steps began again.