Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Part 4 in the guidelines



We will assess you on your fitness 2 months before the climb & a last one 2 weeks before the climb to determine your fitness & to see if you are in the condition to make it.

The tolerance test is simple. 3 readings are taken of your heart beat (pulse)


The first one is your base rate taken at rest. This tells us your approximate base condition. A lower reading is generally reflective of a fitter base although this may not necessarily be the case as certain medical conditions may alter the reading. Assuming you are normal and without ailments and not anemic for whatever reasons, a reading of (say) 64 will probably mean that the person is fitter than a person whose reading is 76. The average reading for a healthy adult man is between 68 to 78 and a healthy adult woman is between 74 to 84. Children will usually post faster heart beats.


The second reading is taken after 10 minutes of a fairly strenuous exercise (usually the step exercise on one step taken at 30 steps per minute).. This reading indicates the fitness tolerance level of that person and it is a clearer indication of the actual fitness level of the person. This is how fast his heart will need to beat to cater to the exercise and how efficient his general condition is in catering to the exercise.

Consequently someone who has a reading 64/145 may indicate that his base rate is not actually reflective of his fitness. The variance of 81 shows that he is not fit at all and might even have a problem with his health. The person with a reading of 76/145 might indicate that this person is not quite fit but the variance of 69 is more acceptable. It is quite usual for normal UNFIT men to have a reading 78/145 or 82/155 or 72/140. The woman will usually have slightly higher readings and it is not unusual for a normal UNFIT woman to have a reading of 84/150 or 90/160.

Can such relatively normal unfit people climb and reach the peak of Mount Kinabalu? The answer is YES! But they will go through intense endurance and struggle somewhat So be forewarned. Prepare yourself well and you will have a good climb.

It is amazing what training can do to a person's base fitness level.. Time and again, I have seen people who had readings of (say) 78/145 go down to 68/125 after about 2 months of good rigorous training. Imagine what the improvement would have done to their health!!!

My friends, if you are now at 78/145, once you have experienced the 68/125 condition, you will never want to go back to your previous condition of being lethargic and tired most of the time. If you feel tired and unfit (this is the platform for sicknesses and diseases to come in) and you want to improve your condition, just carry out the training program that we will work our for you in preparation for the Mountain climb and feel the difference after just two months!!


Just the 2 readings of base/ tolerance alone will not tell the complete story. Although it will indicate your fitness, the true picture of you fitness will only come with the third reading which indicates recovery. This 3rd reading is taken of the heart-beat after 5 minutes of resting from the strenuous step exercise.

It is a reading of your condition after your have had time to recover. If your recovery is great, the mountain will not be a problem. Why? Because each time you pant and wheeze, a little bit of rest will see you recovering your base position. Such people climb the last part of the mountain with relative ease.

The likely reading of an UNFIT person would probably be 78/150/135 or 76/155/133 (Men). For women the reading will probably be a little higher. For such people, a little bit of strenuous exercise will have them wheezing and panting and after that, they will just sit there stony-faced and worn-out because they have not really recovered from their ordeal. How sad and how terrible to be in this condition.

Such people will never be able experience the best of the outdoors and to understand how wonderful it is to be fit and really well. Many go through life in this terrible condition much like driving a car with punctured tyre and a battered engine. The good news is all this can be changed in only a short time. Just do the program that I designed faithfully and you will get to be in the condition that is ideal and the bonus is you will climb and reach the top of Mount Kinabalu with relative ease.

After about 2 1/2 months of training, the readings of unfit people could probably drop down to 68/125/80. Such a person will have little problem handling the mountain as it will only be the attitude that will need to be called into question on the climb proper. The readings never fail to tell the condition of the person and it is an extremely interesting way to get people to hunker down to realizing where they stand. Many heart problems, diabetic problems and other sicknesses could be averted if people choose to be fit. So choose wisely and be blessed!

Prepared by Ong Hock Siew

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