A Lesson For The Ages

“Champions are willing to do the things they hate to create the things they love”

“Why are you doing it, Tan Sri?”, came the question. “You could be sitting in the comfort of your house drinking a nice warm cup of tea instead of sweating it out here in the cold and the rain.”

His answer was simple. “We have only one life and we must live it to the fullest!”. This is a lesson for the ages and we should learn it well. Paying the price is exactly what is required in the endeavor to succeed. There is seldom an easier way and so it was, that Tan Sri Azman Hashim took one small step after another, knowing that the end- result of these small steps would be the reward of standing at the top of mount Kinabalu.


In our lives, there will be many moments to savor and these will be the highlights that we have been blessed with. Mount Kinabalu is one such highlight and the memories will remain long after the pain has ended.