Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What a beautiful world..

"One of the most beautiful mountains in the world"

 "A really fascinating climb"

 This are some of the common descriptions used to comment on the climb up Mount Kinabalu. A better way perhaps to describe the climb is to perhaps say that "It is the most climbable difficult mountain in the world" because although it is high and relatively tough, any ordinary person who is quite fit and very determined can make it to the summit.

At almost 4,093 meters or 13,430 feet, Mount Kinabalu is South-East Asia's highest mountain. The sense of accomplishment as you scale Mount Kinabalu makes the climb extra special.

Additionally, the natural wonders that 'burst' into sight as you climb across three vegetation types cut across terrain that contains :

 almost half of the world's flowering plants,

more than 1,500species of orchids,

more than 400 species of butterflies (Great britain has only about 50 species),

 more than 150 species of montane birds

and 9 species of pitcher plant (& still counting),

many different species of rhododendrons, oaks & other exotic vegetation makes the climb unique & unforgettable.

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Role : Try & Make Sure Everyone Reaches The Objective

We ( That is me & my assistants) have climbed Mount Kinabalu many times & we will use that experience to help you succeed in your climb. We know the intricacies of organizing the climb and will take away much of the administrative things that have to be done so that you can onluy focus on the climb itself.

Safety is given paramount importance and risk is manged effectively. Every precaution like having more guides and people not having to carry things is arranged. The whole climb is an exercise of "encouragement". The climbers are 'bonded' into teams and they are encouraged to support each other. There is a huge sense of camaraderie and many end up as life-long friends after the climb.

Clear guidelines are given to each climber on what to bring , what to wear, what to do, how to do it, etc. It takes the guessing out of each climber. More importantly, every climber is given information on what to expect. Food is usually well-organized on the trip and effort is made to arrange meals at great places like the prawn farm.

You will be entertained on our climbs. There will be singing and sharing and each one is given song sheets to sing songs of motivation. Everyone will have a great time as they let their hairs down and join in the fun.


Success in life is about commitment! It is about the inexplicable call to achieve greatness and goodness. No summit was ever reached without dedication and no goal was ever attained without difficulty. The true measurement of a man or a woman is when the odds are stacked heavily against him or her. This is the key that opens every door to excellence!!

When you stand on the summit of the highest mountain in South-East Asie you will know that there are such occasions in your life which are highlights; where you have done something far beyond your normal capabilities and competencies. "Feel the wind in your face!"

Friday, October 1, 2010

2 Simple Stories of Self - Fulfilling Prophecies

Those who keep confessing negatively about themselves will find that there is truth in what they believe. There are 2 friends of mine - a husband and wife couple who are just in their early thirties. They keep telling that they are not fit people and that they cannot do strenuous activites like go climb a mountain. Everytime I see them or talk with them, negative words about themselveswill flow out from their mouths.


Little wonder then that they are constantly in poor health. They are so sickly that the slightest change of weather will make them really sick. Try to talk them out of their attitude and they will give you all the reasons how and why you don't really understand what they are going through.

I have given up trying to change their minds. Recently the husband was taken ill and admitted to the Intensive Care Unit without doctors even really understand the reason for his condition. When I visited him, i sadly saw a countenance of belief that bordered on self-pity and self-belief in the wrong context. How sad. They don't need doctors - they need to change their lifestyles and their attitudes.


Contrast this with a friend of mine who was also quite sickly and had been so for years. One day when he was told that he should perhaps give himself a chance to come out of such terrible condition of health, he saw that there was some validity to what was being said. When he saw that his lifestyle and attitude was part of the cause of his condition, he purposed there and then that he will change his attitude and embark on a lifestyle of exercise, fitness, proper diet and proper supplements. Today, he is literally a picture of health and strength.


It must always begin with the mind - You are what you think!!! How true is this statement. If you have always had health issues and problems, give yourself a chance and try my solutions. I have a fantastic lifestyle program that I teach to people and everyone who has come into the program has said that their life has changed so much for the better. Yes, you can see your whole life change - you can see your health improve significantly. All you need to do is to follow my program.


If you want to change your whole life and perhaps come on the mountain climb with me, all you have to do is follow what i say now :

  • Close your eyes for a while and take every other thought from your mind
  • Now just say, "Yes, I have decided that I will climb this mountain!"
  • Now go on and say,"I won't change this decision and I will see it through!"
  • Just add this thought to end,"I will pay the price of doing it, no matter what!"

Close by thinking all that is good about climbing this mountain. When you do this, anyone who even attempts to dissuade you will find him knocking on a solid wall.

The Climb


Have you ever wondered if you could somehow find it within your own personal 'reserves' to climb the highest mountain in South-East Asia - that great granite massif that stands in excess of 13,490 feet above sea level. When you stand there at the starting point, what will be the state of your preparation? Will you be ready? No one else can help you at that stage. You have to make the climb by yourself!


Your life will never be the same again when you find that you can achieve things that you hitherto thought unlikely and perhaps even impossible. You will 'take' on great health when you prepare for the climb and you will find great friendships on the climb. Great difficulties bring out the best in people. After you have made the climb, you will not want to go back to the times when you were unfit and frequently tired. There is so much good that will come out of the climb - get excited about it and get ready!


I would like to start reaching out to all those who have committed to climb. I hope to change your lifestyle with this climb. It is not only about climbing a mountain. It is about preparation and changing your attitudes and lifestyles.


Many of those who are coming for this climb will have doubts about their ability to reach the peak. Let me start by banishing such thoughts from their minds. All those who climb with me will have positive thoughts about themselves imbued in them. You can choose to make your life different and it will be so. I promise you - if you allow me to input into your life, you will make more climbs up even the higher mountains. Don't let a 'doubting' spouse tell you - you can't do it! These are self-effacing comments that reflect the commentator's lack of confidence in himself or herself. Break out of the shell that has been constructed around you. It is your life - live it!