Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dress Code (For 3 Climb Days)

Day 1 of Climb (which is Day 2 of trip)

Wear : Shorts and a good T-shirt (will sweat)
Carry : Raincoat (must bring), Wind breaker, Small torchlight, Water bottle, Fruits, Munchies

Bring also a plastic bag to put stuff in case it rains.

Day 2 of Climb (which is Day 3 of trip)

Wear : Long tracksuit and a good T-shirt that won't itch (will sweat), Wind breaker, Rain coat, Hat, Good gloves, Gardening gloves
Carry : Water bottle, Fruits, Munchies (in a small bag or carry a rucksack.)

Bring enough water as you will get thirsty. Suntan lotion is useful as sun rays can be strong.

Day 3 of Climb (which is Day 4 of trip)

Wear : Shorts or long tracksuits (your choice), a good T-shirt (will sweat but can be quite cold0)
Carry : Raincoat (must bring), Wind breaker & Water bottle (pack rest of things for porters)

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