Only 47 Ordinary Mortals

Real Excellence consists not in doing extraordinary things but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

47 simple ordinary mortals made the climb on 16 July 2010. All of them were hesitant and doubtful of their ability to reach the top. But they had the chance to look at Tan Sri Azman Hashim and they were inspired.

“Seventy-one?”, they asked incredulously, “And still climbing the mountain?” They were awe-struck but soon it became evident that they became slowly believers of the mission before them – to reach the top of mount Kinabalu successfully. Forty-seven climbed and forty-seven made it!

People came from all walks of life

Many did not quite know the toughness ahead of them

What a wonderful world

“I see trees of green, red roses too

I see them bloom for me and you

And I think to myself, What a wonderful world

O yeah

I see skies of blue and clouds of white

The brightest of day, the dark secret nights

And I think to myself, What a wonderful world

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky

Are also on the faces of people going by

I see friends shaking hands

Saying, “How do you do?”

They’re really saying, “I love you!”

I hear babies cry, I watch them grow

They’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know

And I think to myself, What a wonderful world

Yes, my friends despite all the pain and sufferings all around us, we still live in a Wonderful world. If we believe this, happiness will come and touch our lives…………